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Onyx Windows and Doors offers a wide variety of interior and exterior doors to suit your style and needs. With complete design freedom, you can turn your house into your dream home through your own choice of door! Whether you’re looking for a custom design or a standard size, we will supply the best option for you at an affordable price and with a lifetime warranty!

Our Exterior Doors Styles include:

Glass Panel Doors

Are you looking for a strong, sturdy door with the ability to fit the architecture of your home? Increase curb appeal and maximizing natural light with a glass panel door. They come in a variety of panel styles and design options. Glass panel doors offer a low-maintenance, energy efficient, private and secure entry.

Sliding Doors

For patio or deck use, consisting of one stationary panel and one horizontal slider. Created for smooth operation, performance and amazing durability, they come in styles that complement any room or design. Our sliding doors glide effortlessly and gracefully as they open and close offering a great feature to your home.

Swinging Patio Doors

For patio, deck, backyard, or front use, swinging patio doors can be single, double, or French opening styles. Swinging patio doors are designed to perform with style and beauty. They can open inward, or outward, and come in a variety of styles. This option maximizes your views and provides a stunning access to the outdoors.

Folding Patio Doors

For adding a “wow” factor to your home, these folding doors consist of multiple panels that open and close accordion-style. Experience the great outdoors whenever you like. For more light, fresh air, or simply the freedom to walk in and out as you please, a folding patio door system will add an exciting new dimension to your home, cottage or commercial property.