Awning windows run horizontal, are hinged at the top, and open out from the bottom. A crank handle is used for easy operation. When open, the window creates an awning effect that provides excellent ventilation without allowing precipitation in.


Slider windows come in three different configurations – single, double butterfly, and end vent to maximize ventilation. They work well along walkways, porches, or decks as the sash do not

A double tilt slider has two operable sashes that move horizontally. One or both can be opened simultaneously for better ventilation. Both can tilt in for easy cleaning.
Prima Vinyl Series is one of the most comprehensive UPVC window systems on the market. Window and door styles offered in this series are: casement, awning, picture, hung, slider, linear shapes, curved shapes, hopper, bays and bows, and patio doors.


Hung windows are available with a single- or dual-operating sash. The sash slide along a vertical track to allow ventilation. They are an excellent choice for areas that face walkways, Available in: Single Arch Top Single Double